3 Mistakes In Choosing Your Quest Word For This Year

What’s your Quest for this year? I love the beginning of a year as it has that sense of freshness, of embarking on new adventures and discoveries.

Adventure is one of my core values. It’s taken me up mountains, down many miles of wild rivers, across hemispheres and cultures, and through the darkest rabbit holes of my own psyche.

I bring adventure in to all aspects of my life and work. It’s not always ‘extreme’ like running a marathon or going back country skiing, but it is intentional and deliberate. It’s how I keep enjoying the ride, as well as ensuring there is a ride to be had!

Each year I choose a new ‘quest’ theme word to help frame the nature of my adventures. Last year’s word was “Joie de Vivre” – I wanted to savour all the moments of a busy and brilliant year. It helped to remind me of how to approach my day, my projects, and my reflection time. It’s not so much what you do, but how you do it. And I wanted a change from ‘hard’, ‘struggle’, and ‘tense’ that is my Achilles’ heel in the stress management department. “Joie de Vivre” helped remind me to say yes to fun, and no to crap – crap attitudes, crap decisions, and crap in general.

Choosing a quest word is rife with pitfalls, and I urge you to choose wisely as it will saturate and steer your life experience this year.

The obvious pitfall to list first is not to have a Quest word at all. This is like drifting through the year without a keel. You get taken – and dumped – by the current of events. So let’s take a look at the other challenges.

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How to respond and not react under stress

We’ve all been there. Someone says something that totally pushes all your buttons to red-hot danger-danger-danger, smoke fuming from your ears, eyes bulging ready to burst.

What happens next determines whether you come across as masterful, or a train smash. Do you lose your temper, yell back, snipe, or go into shut down silence? Silence is not really a better option – it can be just as ‘violent’ as insults in a yucky passive-aggressive way.

The third option brings you to that mastery level. Here are some tips for you so you can be more Nelson Mandela, and less Serena Williams.

This is the recipe for deep Spiritual Intelligence, as Cindy Wigglesworth would define it in her book SQ21: the 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence:

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Money mojo business success story – case study

Introducing Danielle Butler, owner and founder of Medical Uniforms NZ, movie script writer, consultant for cloud technology systems, wife and mother, and the only female baseball umpire in NZ (and possibly elsewhere!)

daniellebutler2Danielle and I met a Flying Solo conference a few years ago and she has since become a Private Coaching Client. She recently completed a V.I.P. Coaching Day. Below is an interview with the amazing, bodacious, fabulous lady.

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The secret of storytelling for success

“You look tired.” At least three people on the leadership program and a couple of my colleagues said that to me this week. Nice. I would have preferred, “You look gorgeous!” But ‘tired’ is the feedback I got.

It started to bother me. My mother-in-law says this to me every time I see her. My boss says it to me. My honey says it to me and makes me lie on the couch while he cooks dinner (that part is good!).

I realised I was projecting ‘tired’ out in to my world. And that is just so unattractive! Friends don’t want to hang around ‘tired’, clients don’t want to engage you if you’re ‘tired’, participants aren’t engaged by someone who is ‘tired’…

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How to make difficult decisions

When making difficult decisions, the options can feel like deciding between swimming a river full of crocodiles or staying to fight a pack of dingoes. So what should you do? Here are some tips to help you navigate through this challenging obstacle course.

The Logical Way of Making Difficult Decisions

The good old pros and cons list. This will clarify the issues and benefits associated with each choice. Sometimes the choice becomes clear at this point. The next step is just taking the plunge.

The Intuitive Way of Making Difficult Decisions

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Priority lists for leaders

Have you got a to-do list? Or maybe five of them? (one for work, one for home, one for projects, that pile of mail, all those emails…)

As leaders we can get very bogged down in crap that sucks our energy and time, before we ever do anything meaningful. So here is my quick list for you to create (and follow) priority lists.

Priority List #1. Things that make you feel very, very good.

You knew this was coming, right? Or do I have to berate you with all these reasons why YOU are priority numero uno?

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15 questions to a breakthrough

Ever got stuck mulling a problem over and over and over? And then tarted thinking about it again only to get stuck all over again?

Yup – been there, done that!

It’s not that there is no solution, but you need to change the way you are thinking, how you are focusing. And the quality of your answers comes from the quality of your questions.

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