Is your law of attraction magnet dull?

Photo By Angela Mabray, CC License

Photo By Angela Mabray, CC License

We know that we ‘get what we focus on’. We know that the ‘better it gets, the better it gets’. We know that ‘if it’s to be, it’s up to me’.

The thing is, we know the theory, but we do PRACTICE it? Or is our law of attraction magnet a little dusty and dull?

Here’s how to tell our magnet needs a bit of amplification:

  • Feeling stuck, trapped, bored, frustrated, overwhelmed, flat, worried, doubtful, struggling, dread, desperate.
  • Intermittent, unreliable results that raise your suspicions or increase your doubts – ‘is this too good to be true? Is this a once off?
  • Work feels like work and the bed magnet is dialled up to overdrive each morning.

We are no good to anyone when we are grim and grey. Our dreams and skills and talents are wilting, our purpose deflated, and our hearts a little shrivelled. Leadership presence is prickly, and relationships sour and insipid.

Decidedly unattractive, and definitely not magnetic.

I have a whole page of notes on why and how we get ourselves all bent out of shape and decidedly unmagnetic.  I’ll save these for my book, and gift you the prescription cure instead.

Here’s Dr Zoë’s Law of Attraction Magnet Amplifier Cure-All Intervention Prescription:

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The Performance Formula

CC License - Tom Kelly, Aerials Sprint US Freestyle Champions,

CC License – Tom Kelly, Aerials Sprint US Freestyle Champions,

Alisa Camplin was the 2002 Winter Olympic Gold Medalist for aerial skiing. What’s remarkable about the story is that she did not know how to ski when she decided she wanted to win gold in that sport.

How did a non-skiing Australian (aka land of sun, desert, and beaches) woman become the Olympic Champion in a sport that needs mountains and snow?!

I listened to Alisa tell her story at an event a few months ago and a couple of things stayed with me:

One needs to be closer to the extreme end of obsessive compulsive to see through years of rigorous training and nutritional discipline to achieve an Olympic Gold medal. You’ve got to want it. A lot. Like, really, A LOT.

However, there are some aspects of her story that fit neatly into taking an champion attitude and strategy to our own personal and professional goals.

It boils down to this:

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5 one-minute miracles for improved corporate culture

The big topic in leadership these days is corporate culture. There has been a shift to accept CULTURE DELIVERS STRATEGY. With poor culture, and even the best of strategies will flop.

Here are some one-minute strategies to help boost the positive vibes in your workplace culture. Even if you do just ONE of the one minutes, you will experience a positive ripple effect.

1. Say thank you to someone. Appreciate their work. Go out of your way to acknowledge that their work made a difference to you. Soak up the smile karma.

2. Make someone else their morning cup of tea or coffee. This random act of kindness makes you feel good inside. Like gooey marshmallow.

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