The known way is not always the safest

It was getting late. I was trekking with a group of police officers from Singapore, on a leadership training program with Outback Initiatives. We scrambled along a narrow path that dropped away to sharp cliff rocks, pounded by an especially vigorous surf. I kept glancing down, imagining how I’d be able to rescue someone should they survive the bone-breaking tumble and be taken by the furious drag of the sea. Outdoor leaders tend to consider the worst, to be prepared (or maybe it’s just my eerie sense of the macabre).
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Three Skills To Master For Effortless Composure

Let’s face it, keeping cool under pressure isn’t easy. When someone is criticising our work, or disagreeing strongly with our perspective, or doing something that is clearly unfair and unreasonable, who hasn’t felt the heat rising and the urge to snarl surge through the veins…

Blurting out something in frustration, or interrupting, or arguing are all signs we’ve dropped our bundle.

We may also be heading for disaster. There are three things at risk when we lose composure:
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The Secret to Drama Free Work

I used to work with a woman who really shone in a crisis. She was a pool of reflected water; nothing rippled on her surface.

One problem. She was the one who caused the crisis! She fed on drama. She would plant little seeds of worry and concern, and when others eventually erupted in a panic, she was there to smooth things over. She liked being the rescuer.

There are three key types of drama rabble rousers, and one who defuses chaos instead. These archetypes play out based on attention to two things:
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Grace Under Fire

When he said it, it struck deep like a sword on fire.

Youre such a wimp.

Me. A wimp. Me, who has paddled thousands of miles in Canadian wilderness. Me, who has led a six-week canoe trip in remote Ontario. Me, who has planted trees in rugged, isolated camps for weeks on end, living in a tent. This was years ago when I was a young woman discovering the world. I was perhaps naïve.

But I was no wimp.

I felt the rage and indignant fury swell within me. I just seethed, turned to him and said, I. Am Not. A. Wimp.

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Good, juicy brain food

I’m up in the mountains soaking up sunshine and snow, celebrating sending the book manuscript to the editor. Writing a book has been a personal development challenge – confronting all my own limiting beliefs, while simultaneously writing about all the lessons and strategies I work with myself and my clients to be better leaders. It’s tough work! Like eating raw broccoli – unpleasant, and good for you at the same time.

This week’s newsletter is packed full of good things to inspire. I’ll save the musing article once the mountain air has cleansed my head and heart.

So here is some juicy brain food to nurture your head and heart in the meantime.
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