How to deal with change fatigue – what you’re missing

How would you feel if your department/organisation was assigned to move and merge with another department across town? Then you moved, created new routines for the family, adjusted to new colleagues, new floor plans and workspaces, new reporting structures and expectations. Then two years later were told that it was a mistake and you had to move back again?

Yes, I’d be bummed too.
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Many stories, one world

I’ve just returned from a four day leadership program I ran for an extraordinary group of science leaders, from three different oceans. Reef Ecologic is hosting the Coral Reef Fellowship, first of its kind in far north Queensland. The three-week program covers various aspects of complex leadership (this is where I helped out), marine reef science, and reef management. I had a few glorious days on Orpheus Island in sunshine, facilitating workshops and activities barefoot, with an expanse of ocean as backdrop.

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