Rave Reviews

“I have worked with Zoe for the last eight years, since 2006. She has been instrumental in helping me get focused as a leader, implement priorities, take on greater leadership roles, and improve influence and communication. I particularly value her as an independent sounding board and for her insights on leadership thinking. I would recommend her for any leader who wants an independent advisor with a strong personal and professional leadership focus.”

– Nevin Agnew, Senior Partner in major Canberra law firm


John DemajnikBefore I started working with Zoe I had a number of issues, mostly around control. This was causing anxiety and lower productivity and a stressful lifestyle. It was probably holding me back in my career as well. Through our work I am no longer stressed. I have a much broader understanding of my situation and am looking at worldly goals and purpose, not just at my navel.

In my work place I am a better manager, coach, mentor and leader. At home I am more patient and appreciative – and this makes me a better friend, brother, father, and husband.

I am not stressed about “stressful” decisions like difficult personnel issues as I am centred in my core values and know my decisions are sound for the organisation and align with my values. The best thing about coaching was that I felt myself open to a world of opportunities. All the shackles I had placed around myself through my warped value and belief system were thrown off as I clarified my values, developed understanding and techniques for leadership thinking and engagement, and this made life easy and fun. I am having fun in life again through being kind to myself. I am very much appreciating the here and now and pushing the things I want in the future.”

– John De Majnik, Senior Research Manager, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation


mikeoldroydI worked with Zoe at Camp Stephens where she was my supervisor and mentor when I led canoe trips. I have to truly thank Zoe for the leadership skills and gifts she so kindly passed on to me. She taught me about humility, fun, adventure, courage and how to work with and lead a team to achieve our goals and overcome what sometimes felt like the biggest and seemingly insurmountable of challenges.

But most of all she showed me how to inspire, enlighten, help and encourage those around me to be the very best they already know they are.

From the deepest wilds of Canada, the ruggedness of the Andes Mountains, the exhausting training with the British Army and now in Boardroom’s throughout Australia, Zoe’s priceless leadership lessons were with me then and they will stay and serve me for the rest of my life.

– Mike Oldroyd, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at Roar Local Australia http://roarlocal.com.au/


BarbI chose coaching to overcome the self-doubt and the negative self-talk. It was holding me back and costing me career progression, through foregone opportunities. I kept believing I wasn’t ready or smart enough.

The most remarkable result was my internal re-framing of my approach; I now had a disciplined, purposeful approach. I had greater confidence, and a preparedness to have a go. I love where I am at, and what lies ahead … I now sit on Boards, and participate on higher-level committees. I am off and running!

Zoe’s coaching covered all aspects – the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual – of my professional and personal development. This is so important because they are all intertwined and entangled, and one area spills over in to the other.

I now have simple, practical ‘aids’ to help me manage through the tight spots, the moments of indecision, the challenges to my value system.

Zoe as a Coach is generous, wise, down-to-earth, kind, firm, and possesses a good sense of humour.

I would absolutely recommend Zoe’s coaching. Zoe provides the arm’s-length perspective, and is well-placed to uncover the “blind spots”. Sometimes getting to and revealing the truth about ourselves is confronting (ouch!), but what an invaluable opportunity it presents to have someone to help us reflect and grow. After all, leaders should never stop learning.”

– Barb Grey, Director, Silverbucket Pty Ltd. Australian Cotton Industry


KarimI have known Zoe since 1996, and worked closely with her in two organisations as peer, supervisor, colleague, and friend. I know her abilities in delivering high end leadership development programs and executive coaching for national and industry groups. She is mature and competent in working with a range of groups from Company CEO’s and Chairs to entry level employees, in Corporate, Not for Profit and Govenment organisations .

Her style is warm and engaging and encourages participation from the group. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

– Karim Haddad, Director, Forecast Systems


Before I started working with Zoe, I lacked a clear sense of direction and purpose I could really put my energy behind.  I felt rudderless when choosing from the smorgasbord of life. Through our work together I gained a greater clarity regarding my direction – based on my core values.  I have gained confidence to be authentic and creative as a leader.  Zoe built rapport and comfort necessary to explore challenging areas and realise new insights. I continually learned new skills I could practically apply in my personal and leadership roles, such as taking on tough conversations and speaking my truth.

I recommend coaching with Zoe so you too can take ownership of your growth, direction and course.  Zoe is a generous, skilled coach and with her the sky is really no longer the limit.”

– L.S., Senior Leader, Insurance Industry