Which are you – wanderer, pilgrim, pathfinder, or leader?

Do you want more of your ideal life?

If so, then there are two major factors that contribute to successful achievement of your life ambitions. These are:

Level of Self Mastery


Capacity to invest money, time, and/ or energy

in your dreams and aspirations.

When you have strong Self Mastery as well as the physical, emotional, and spiritual resources to focus on your desires, then you become captain of your own ship, sails to the wind, cutting happily through storms and flat water alike.

If this is not yet your current experience, fret not. What follows are the four main experiences people tend to have in relation to their life’s journey, carved from their respective levels of Self Mastery and Resourcing Capacity – Wanderer, Pilgrim, Pathfinder, and Leader.



I have included a brief description of each state, along with some simple tips to give you traction and give you greater momentum on your journey.

The Wanderer

wanderer2As a Wanderer you tend to bob along, floating with the current of events, feeling at the whim of circumstances and other people. As a Wanderer can feel trapped, stuck, and very much like a victim.

Alternatively you may also feel happy-go-lucky, enjoying the ride without ambition or focus. If this is you, enjoy! The time for personal growth has not yet come for you. If you feel frustrated with your lot, want to experience more of life, but don’t know where to start, then what follows are a few suggestions.

Focus for the Wanderer: Inspiration and Self-Belief

Since you need a turbo boost of energy and and self-confidence to get some momentum, my top three hot tips for the Wanderer are:

De-clutter your environment. Clear out the old to make way for the new. You will feel lighter, freer, and able to see more clearly.
Identify someone you admire. Explore what it is about them that inspires you, that you deeply appreciate, that you would love to emulate. What values and habits do they have that helped them be successful? List these as attribures for yourself to develop.
List 50 things you appreciate about YOU. Self-acknowledgment is essential for the Wanderer. You already have all you need to create what you want, and it all starts with this kind of acknowledgment of your own awesomeness.

From the Wanderer experience, you can move into the Pilgrim way of being.

The Pilgrim

pilgrim2As a Pilgrim, you have a strong sense of self and you have excellent self-mastery. You know where you are going – your goals are clear to you. As a Pilgrim, you feel you walk alone, on a long, lonely road. You rely on hard work and persistence to get anywhere. You are often drained, overwhelmed, and struggling.

There is an easier way to achieve what you want.

Focus for the Pilgrim: Practice and confidence as a deliberate creator

You have the infinite resources of the Universe at your disposal. What you may be lacking is your ability and knowledge with deliberate creation principles: harnessing the power of your focus, beliefs, and emotions to create outcomes, as opposed to sluggish, dogged hard work. Here are some handy tips to get you some traction as a deliberate creator:


Write a list of your achievements and awesome experiences. This will help reinforce that you have already accomplished an amazing wealth of cool events and experiences.
Make notes on ‘synchronicities’ or coincidences that happen to you. This will help raise your awareness of all the unseen forces that are conspiring on your side.
Give the Universe instructions. Make requests for the Universe to handle stuff for you. Then notice the nudges, inspiration, and coincidences that follow. Caveat: expect it to happen in perfect timing, rather than in your ego’s worried expectation timing!

From Pilgrim, with mastery of deliberate creation that will give you an abundance of energy, time, and money, you will move swiftly in to the Pathfinder experience. You shift to this position because as you gain more mastery of deliberate creation, your focus expands, and your potential and possibilities open up.

The Pathfinder

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs a Pathfinder you are champing at the bit to grow, learn, expand, make a difference and a contribution. You have confidence as a deliberate creator, and plenty of success in achieving what you want. ‘What’s next?’ is your primary concern.

Focus for the Pathfinder: Clarity of Purpose

As a Pathfinder, it’s all about expansion, contribution, and growth. Here are some strategies for getting clarity of purpose:


Imagine it’s your 100th birthday party. You are to give a speech about your life, what mattered to you most, what you enjoyed the most. What do you want to be able to say to your friends and family about your life? This will help distill what’s most important to you in the longer term. Everything flows from there.
Imagine you get given $10,000 one week and you had to spend it all in the one week. You cannot put in the bank or invest it – you must spend it. The each week after that the amount doubles on the previous week. So week #2 you have to spend $20,000. Then $40,000 and so on until you have to spend $1 million in one week. Through this process possibilities expand and help you reach for more.
Imagine that you have all of your physical needs met for you and all your extended family. How would you like to spend your days? What inspires you? What lights you up? What is the most fun to you? This reveals your passion and can be seized as your guiding force.
To help you get to ‘what’s next even faster, here is what I suggest:

Coaching – there is no substitute for the deep personal support and clarity you can get from a coach. That is why I have had my own coach for the last ten years; they have been a pivotal part of my personal and professional growth, and a critical component to my environment. When you’re ready to invest in you and your life, then apply for a complimentary Leadership Strategy Session in the linked box to the right of the page.

As a Pathfinder, when you get clear on your purpose and focus, you move swiftly to the LEADER experience.

The Leader

leader2As a Leader, you feel resonant with purpose, excited and enthusiastic about your life’s work, happy in your relationships, abundant in all things. What more could you want as you want for nothing? It’s not a question of ‘more for me’ necessarily for the Leader, but a question of how do I amplify this experience? How do I connect and serve others more deeply, authentically, for the betterment of humanity – doing the things I love? There is a real calling for deepening, for expansion, for connection for wisdom.

Focus for the Leader: Upscaling

As a Leader, expansion is key for you. Here are some ways to step into that space:

Grow your spiritual connection. Your experience and relationship with the Divine, of ALL That Is, the Universe, and your place in it, become a central focus, and where you can access greater wisdom and compassion as your guiding force. You can start with meditation, writing in your journal or spending time in nature.
Upgrade your environment. Take exceptional care of yourself, beautify all aspects of your home and work space, get everything serviced (car, appliances, body), develop a high sensitivity to negative material (news, violent TV shows, aggressive people) and avoid them.
Be curious and keep learning. As a Leader, you know that there is an ever expanding horizon with delights along the way. When you stay open and curious, you allow new wisdom to filter your consciousness. explore new books, magazines, websites and allow your curiosity and intuition to guide you further.
As a Leader you can feel a little like a fish out of water, a rare bird in search of their flock. Community of like-minded people for sharing questions, exploring new paradigms, and models for new aspirational thinking and behaviour is what you seek. I can help you explore new thinking strategies through coaching; through various programs and events, you will also meet new peers who share an interest in self mastery and service to humanity through a well-lived, and a well-loved life.

If you are keen to discover more, apply for a complimentary leadership strategy session – the link is on the right.

So which are you? Wanderer, Pilgrim, Pathfnder or Leader? What steps will you take to shift experiences? I would love to be of help. Share your thoughts here in the comments, or email me directly with your questions, observations, and insights.


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