How to be empowered as a leader

There was a point in my self-development when I realised that I was completely 100% responsible for everything I experienced in my life.

The reaction went something like this:

“I create and attract everything I experience. Holy guacamole! I’m responsible for all this?! Bad relationship, stress, no money, cancer?!”

It’s a lot easier to feel that we are victims of fate – tossed on the waves of the universe’s whim. It’s so much easier to blame someone – anyone – and something – anything – for what is happening to you.

Isn’t it?

It is easier.

Except that it feels like crap.

Feeling powerless is just, well, so disempowering!

This point is what I call the Cusp of Responsibility.

When you really get that you create everything – I mean everything – you experience – then this can be an overwhelming realisation. All the good stuff -AND all the yucky stuff – is entirely up to you.

So the cusp is:
“Wow – I’m responsible – that is just way too scary”
“Wow – I’m responsible – I can make it the way I want it.”

On the cusp you can fall in to victim mode and shirk your responsibility – preferring to be led. Fear holds you back – what if you stuff it up?

Or you can be the leader of your own life – deliberately choosing and creating your own experiences, reactions, and energy. You are accountable for everything – good and bad.
It’s the fear of being accountable for the bad stuff that keeps folks nailed to the poop deck instead of in the captain’s seat.

So what can you do to slip over the cusp into leading your own life?

It’s matter of emotional focus:
Courage. Faith. Love. Resilience. Hope. Excitement. Enthusiasm. A wild sense of adventure that sees you embracing life as a surging river to be ridden whooping and hollering – fully present and engaged – forever pointed downstream, savouring the twists, turns, drops as well as the placid pools and eddies.

Good feelings = good leadership = good life.

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