What Do You Stand For?

There is deep freedom in expressing our personal truth. In his remarkable TED X talk, Simon Sinek  explains, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” But beyond influence and building a tribe, claiming our personal truth, declaring what we stand for, is a tonic for the soul, and a true expression of leadership.

So here goes.

According distractify.com, we spend 10.3 years of our lives, on a 24 hour basis, working.This is an awful lot of time at work, and I believe we ought to ENJOY it – enjoy the work, and enjoy the people we work with. Life is too short for hating Mondays.

I’m passionate about HUMANS, and helping organisations become more human. And that means inviting the Soul to work. Here’s what I mean:

What I stand for:

Work that isn’t work. Work that is play, fun, soulful, and on purpose. Work that makes a difference to self, others, and the planet. Work that sets our toes on fire, gets us springing out of bed in the morning, and fans flames of enthusiasm and focus for those around us.

I stand for leaders who care. For leaders who love their work, love their teams, and can use the word ‘love’ in a sentence without feeling crimped or wobbly. For leaders who are centered, connected deeply to purpose and to those around them. Leaders who radiate connection, peace, and constructive goodwill. Leaders with soul, who can see and nurture the soul of others, even when the shadows are long and the corners dark.

I stand for the lost spirit of adventure, exploration, and wonder in nature. For standing in the rain, on a cliff edge, looking out on the remarkable vista of a mountain range. For the feel of a paddle through a river, wind biting the skin with flecks of whipped water, the stars like diamond pendants, opulent and glorious in the night sky. All this to remind us of how rich and sweet and brief our life is, and that we are meant to soak it up, cherish it, and honour it.

I stand for the Soul at work. Where people can bring their whole selves to work, where they need not shy or shrink from their values or beliefs, but feel guided to serve the spirit of their work in service to themselves, others, and the planet.

I believe in possibility. I believe in the power of AND – where you and me, black and white, Muslim and Christian, Jew and Palestine, are stronger TOGETHER than apart.

I stand for courage. For choosing an authentic path, one that may invite stones to be thrown, or mockery, or disdain, all so that we can stand naked and pure and true in our inner conviction that the world is a good and beautiful place, and we can make a contribution to the stewardship of humanity’s soul by nurturing and honouring our own.

My invitation to you: I want to connect with like-minded leaders who are interested in fostering soul at work, of living an authentic, genuine, and deeply happy life in all areas of their world. I want to connect with leaders who want to share deep concerns for the planet and feel bound to stewardship of humanity. I want to meet and connect with leaders in beautiful places, where our spirit can renew, refresh, and reconnect with what is most important.

Will you join me?

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