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CC License - Tom Kelly, Aerials Sprint US Freestyle Champions,

CC License – Tom Kelly, Aerials Sprint US Freestyle Champions,

Alisa Camplin was the 2002 Winter Olympic Gold Medalist for aerial skiing. What’s remarkable about the story is that she did not know how to ski when she decided she wanted to win gold in that sport.

How did a non-skiing Australian (aka land of sun, desert, and beaches) woman become the Olympic Champion in a sport that needs mountains and snow?!

I listened to Alisa tell her story at an event a few months ago and a couple of things stayed with me:

One needs to be closer to the extreme end of obsessive compulsive to see through years of rigorous training and nutritional discipline to achieve an Olympic Gold medal. You’ve got to want it. A lot. Like, really, A LOT.

However, there are some aspects of her story that fit neatly into taking an champion attitude and strategy to our own personal and professional goals.

It boils down to this:

Upgrade your mindset and environments, and results will follow. 

There is no room for a ‘silver medal mindset’ when what you want is GOLD. Alisa threw everything at upgrading her mindset:

Visualisation, meditation, mantras, positive thinking, reading biographies of successful Olympians, changing beliefs (there is a veritable swathe of techniques here), educating herself on champion mindset and habits…

Alisa was a Gold Medal Champion in every fibre of her being before she got on that podium.

Alisa also invested heavily in creating environments that 100% supported her aspirations: she changed coaches because the ski team coach was giving more time to the current leading skiier rather than Alisa, she hired a nutritionist, a sports psychologist, a gymnast coach.

Oh – and she went to University to get a degree in IT, cleaned houses, and generally worked her butt off to pay for it all.

The temptation at this point is to  feel a little inadequate in comparison: “do I have a Gold Medal mindset? Do I REALLY have what it takes?”

Let go of that. You’re just letting your inner gremlins freak out as you start to explore what’s possible for you.

Focus instead on:

What do I want? Why do I want it? What can I do to shift MINDSET and ENVIRONMENTS to support me to experience my goal fulfilled?

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