Money mojo business success story – case study

Introducing Danielle Butler, owner and founder of Medical Uniforms NZ, movie script writer, consultant for cloud technology systems, wife and mother, and the only female baseball umpire in NZ (and possibly elsewhere!)

daniellebutler2Danielle and I met a Flying Solo conference a few years ago and she has since become a Private Coaching Client. She recently completed a V.I.P. Coaching Day. Below is an interview with the amazing, bodacious, fabulous lady.

1. What was the biggest challenge for you in your business before going through the  VIP day?

It’s easy to fall into the rut of over analysing and find ourselves staring at the bottom line and wondering why it isn’t bigger. After all you’re following all the management rules, right? Surely that means the bottom line should grow too? And frustration ensues when it doesn’t. So there’s an element missing–intuition. Call it whatever you like, intuition, instinct or that gut-feeling, my biggest challenge was to reconnect with that part of myself. It’s there, and I’ve relied on it in the past, but in business we get busy and sucked into the routine grinds of whatever it is we do. It’s easy to relegate that “intuition” as a second class citizen and lose it behind that mental clutter. Working with Zoe reminded me of how important it is to connect with that part of yourself. It’s an integral part of fuelling our passion too.

2. What have you learned to help eliminate that challenge?

Simply put, I’ve learned the importance of positive self-belief. Trusting that intuition is going to take you where you want to go. Realizing that we need to be our own biggest cheerleaders. But not just cheering for the sake of being positive, cheering because we truly believe it.

3. What have you implemented so far?

Since shifting my focus to what I want to create through my Money Mojo plan I’ve managed to action more in the past eight-weeks for my businesses than I have in the past year. I have opportunities presenting themselves daily and I’m enjoying the ride. Not only that, but my enthusiasm and self-belief is rubbing off on people around me. They’re more energised and want to be part of what I’m creating.

4. What have been the results so far?

Wow, where do I start? There has been so much that has come towards me that I’m still processing what’s happening. For starters I had a huge clean out of everything in my business life, which also spilled into my personal life. I looked, and am looking, at everything I do and checking it’s actually something that builds on my Money Mojo goals. If it doesn’t, then its out the door. It’s a totally cathartic process. One of the big things that has happened is that I’ve formalized my Cloud consulting business, Location Independent Consulting, where I help small business learn to live big. I’ve gained a client a week, all word of mouth, and am enjoying empowering others to build next-generation businesses using Cloud technologies. It’s fantastic how they can be bolted together to create something new. I love being able to share my experience others who also want to grow their business. It’s an equal relationship where there’s a constant exchange of energy and ideas. For Medical Uniforms NZ, I’m gaining new clients daily and my sales are growing.

But the biggest result of all, is my change in attitude in how I perceive business: Business isn’t just about applying all those management techniques, but it’s about you as a whole, every facet from your cerebral side to your spiritual side.

5. What or who are you feeling a lot of gratitude for right now?

My gratitude really is directed to the universe right now for presenting me with so many possibilities. It’s reminded me that I’m a “possiblitarian.” I can’t wait to see what comes my way next! Thank you, Zoe, for sharing my journey.

– Danielle Butler, Medical Uniforms NZ,


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