Is your law of attraction magnet dull?

Photo By Angela Mabray, CC License

Photo By Angela Mabray, CC License

We know that we ‘get what we focus on’. We know that the ‘better it gets, the better it gets’. We know that ‘if it’s to be, it’s up to me’.

The thing is, we know the theory, but we do PRACTICE it? Or is our law of attraction magnet a little dusty and dull?

Here’s how to tell our magnet needs a bit of amplification:

  • Feeling stuck, trapped, bored, frustrated, overwhelmed, flat, worried, doubtful, struggling, dread, desperate.
  • Intermittent, unreliable results that raise your suspicions or increase your doubts – ‘is this too good to be true? Is this a once off?
  • Work feels like work and the bed magnet is dialled up to overdrive each morning.

We are no good to anyone when we are grim and grey. Our dreams and skills and talents are wilting, our purpose deflated, and our hearts a little shrivelled. Leadership presence is prickly, and relationships sour and insipid.

Decidedly unattractive, and definitely not magnetic.

I have a whole page of notes on why and how we get ourselves all bent out of shape and decidedly unmagnetic.  I’ll save these for my book, and gift you the prescription cure instead.

Here’s Dr Zoë’s Law of Attraction Magnet Amplifier Cure-All Intervention Prescription:

Ask this one question, “Am I playing the Game of Life?”

Seriously, it’s a game changer.

Today I’m sitting on the plane and across the aisle is a young man with 3-day beard growth, a singlet, footy shorts, and thongs (flip flops for my north American Readers). Beside me is an impeccably dressed older woman with nice pearls and a scales of justice tattoo on her ankle. Up ahead of us are the usual suspects of grey and balding suited men, scanning the papers.

The point is, we are all playing the Game of Life. Some of us are doing it more deliberately than others, with more focused awareness of Choice that is the essence of the Game of Life. We can chose our dress, our friends, our path. No amount of ‘yeah buts’ will negate this baseline truth.

We all have choices – it is the unmutable law of the Game of Life.

So amp up your magnet – when you start to PLAY the Game of Life, it’s Game On.

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