Inspiration: The ‘I Believe’ Manifesto

The Clan is gathering

* The Clan is gathering

Simon Sinek in his remarkable TED Talk of 2009 said, “The aim of business is not to do business with those who want what you have, but the aim of business is to do business with those who believe what you believe.” And few people invest energy to interrogate what they believe, at their core, the WHY they do what they do.

And so, if you’re to be a member of this clan, the Inner Compass clan of exceptional leaders, I believe you need to know what I believe, and see if it lights your socks on fire like this manifesto does mine.

I believe:

  1. Within each of us is an ocean of wonder, a universe of possibility.
  2. Each human being is a miraculous expression of universal beauty and goodness.
  3. We are all each complex expressions of polarity: good and evil, light and dark, soft and hard.
  4. Each person’s truth is sacred to them.
  5. We can adopt a new truth at any time, if it better serves us and our world.
  6. Sometimes imagination is far better than reality.
  7. Tremendous pain births insights not otherwise discoverable.
  8. It doesn’t have to be hard.
  9. I can choose easy.
  10. No one is as crap as they think they are. Tweet this!
  11. Wealth, privilege, and education are opportunities to lift others up along with us.
  12. There is an abundance of time, money, energy, and ideas.
  13. There is a shortage of focus and self-belief.
  14. It’s ok to believe in God, the Universe, angels, guides, spirits, and the Force.
  15. Time is an illusion. A bloody good one at that.
  16. We are more than our fleshy casing. Something resonates beyond the physical.
  17. We are all connected, in ways we can’t even imagine.
  18. Life is much easier when we let the Universe handle the details.
  19. If it feels hard, it is. Stop. Do something easy.
  20. A smile makes everyone beautiful.
  21. When in doubt, nap.
  22. When in need of perspective, talk to the chickens.
  23. Everything will be ok in the end. And if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end. (attributed to Fernando Sabino, Paul Coelho, and John Lennon).
  24. 100% of the leaders I work with need to take better care of themselves. Including me.
  25. It’s fun to do things in groups.
  26. It is a core human need to belong.
  27. Every one of us is searching for connection, for upliftment, for purpose.
  28. A leader is someone who overcomes their ‘I’m scared’ with their ‘I care’. Click to tweet!
  29. To risk being judged, to not being liked, to being disappointing and disappointed,  to not living up to expectations, to falling short, to missing the mark… these are the dues of leadership. And they’re worth it because our ‘why’ is bigger than our inner gremlin.
  30. I believe in the power of AND. Wealth AND Spirituality. Individual AND Team. Self AND Family. Country of Origin AND Country of Adoption. Black AND White.
  31. Even the most heinous of murderers was a helpless infant once.
  32. There is no earthly challenge that can’t be overcome with compassion, collaboration and courage.

Thanks for being part of the Inner Compass clan of courageous, wise, and compassionate leaders. Together our influence ripples far and dives deep.

The clan is gathering Thursday October 23rd, 2014 in Canberra. Join us! We are like-minded leaders committed to making a meaningful contribution to the world.

*Photo attribution: by Burp Hammie Creative Commons Attribution License

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