What to do when you hit rock bottom

I was musing on rock bottom scenarios recently and exploring what we need in our personal armoury to dig us out of a rocky pit.

How bad can it get? Let’s imagine it. What do you fear the most? Disease? Illness? Maiming? Destitution? Public shame? Jail? Divorce? Being found out a fraud? Disappointing someone else? Failing a project? Going bankrupt?

We’ve all got our own version of rock bottom. The good news is that we don’t have to go there to discover we can survive it. We have more in us that we can tap in to.

Let’s go on a rock bottom bounce.

Imagine a scenario that has you shiver in horror. Tell the story of why it is so horrible. Really go there – feel the full force of the shame and despair.

Yup, this sucks.

Having found your bottom on rock bottom, what then?

What do we need to sacrifice to leave rock bottom?

We might need to leave vanity, shame, pride, destructive habits behind.

What do we need to embrace to leave rock bottom?

We might need to discover help, connection, compassion, self acceptance, self love, health, acceptance, faith, love.

J.K. Rowling said, “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” A single mother, destitute, sat and wrote a story in a coffee shop to wile away the despair. We know how that turned out.

Turia Pitt received burns to 65% of her body, survived more than 200  medical procedures. Now she is training for an Iron Man, is an international speaker, and has a foundation supporting burn victims globally. Check her out here.

Eckart Tolle sat homeless on a park bench and experienced pure enlightenment. Now he is a globally known speaker, author, and luminary.

What we really need to let go of at rock bottom is our own self-critical voice. When we let this voice drift away, we can hear the more deeply resonant one that resides within. This the deep voice of true awareness, of pure appreciation, of exquisite love of all life and living. We let go of the stories of disappointment and of shame, and we look with new eyes upon a world that is rich and ever present with joy and beauty. This is the gift of losing everything we thought was important and discovering everything we ever wanted was always here, to be experienced now.

What are you prepared to let go of in order to be free?

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