Good Reads To Expand Your Brain

As I start writing The Book, I take inspiration from other fabulous work.

Looking for some good brain food? Here are some good juicy books from my fellow Thought Leaders:

The New Rules of Management by Peter Cook 

How to Revolutionise Productivity, Innovation, and Engagement by Implementing Projects That Matter

Productivity re-written. Hot tips with implementing meaningful projects in 90 day blocks, and the use of Shakti as a guideline.

The Game Changer by Dr Jason Fox 

How to use the science of motivation with the power of game design to shift behaviour, shape culture and make clever happen

Scintillating wit, cute cartoons, and simple and effective strategies to make work less like work and more like fun. ‘Make progress visible’ is my new mantra.

Amplifiers: The Power of Motivational Leadership to Inspire and Influence by Matt Church

Matt’s thought leadership is elegant,  thorough, and conscience-shifting. I have recommended his work to Vice Chancellors, CEOS, coaches – to those who have  message and need to get it heard in a way that expands and uplifts.

Practical Performance Measurement: Using the PuMP Blueprint for Fast, Easy and Engaging KPIs by Stacey Barr

She’s the go-to girl for everything measurement. In this seminal work, Stacey takes you through step-by-step to measure what matters. ROTI (return on time invested) changed my life when I learned about it from Stacey.

From Me to We: Why commercial collaboration will future proof business, leaders, and personal success by Janine Garner

This well-researched, example rich book makes a solid case that collaboration trumps competition in the new connected economy. Another evolved human being leading the way in uplifting those around her, with her. You go, girl.

Got any books to recommend. Please add them in the comments! I’m a book junkie and love, love personal recommendations.



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