Here is my gift for you!

I’ve just completed the Conscious Leadership whitepaper and overview, as well as my yearly Goal Planner. Please use the whitepaper for reflection, to shape your leadership intentions for the year. There are also some 2015 reflection questions, and some 2016 future-focusing questions in the 2016 Planner on the last slide.

I have provided the 2016 Map ┬áin powerpoint if you want to use it and edit it directly. The second slide is an example – the one I am using for myself.

Direct Access to the documents here:

Conscious Leadership Whitepaper:

2016 Planner: (please note – it was originally Mac Keynote, so text size is a bit off)

It’s a shift in my approach:

  • Letting go of specific targets (the tyranny of obsession over results versus the mastery of process)
  • Focusing more from the big picture – my theme word and how I want this to flow through all choices I make. I’ve articulated specific things around my Leadership Be, Think, Do as well.
  • The focus on quarterly projects – both personal and work – as suggested by Peter Cook in his book, The New Rules of Management. These form the platform for quarterly and then weekly planning as each quarter unfolds.

The bubble map is inspired by the fabulous Stacey Barr, Performance Measurement Specialist.

There is room to add more bubbles, or print out and doodle in more words, images, ideas – like a vision board.

Enjoy and happy reflection, planning time!

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