How collective wisdom can leverage results

I’m just back from an extraordinary three days with my own mastermind, the Thought Leaders Business School. We meet quarterly to review and celebrate our achievements and craft our plan for the next quarter. I had the special privilege of being asked to share my story – my epic business struggles over the last thirteen years, culminating in my quantum success since February this year. I was definitely intimidated – this was a room full of 125 brilliant thought leaders – many with outstanding practices making massive contributions in Australia.

I told my story, with all its lumps and bumps including cancer, despair, and nearly giving up many times. Until I chose something different, found the right tribe – Thought Leaders Business School, and hit it out of the park these last three months. I booked more business in ninety days than I’ve earned in a whole previous year. This is quadrupling my best results so far.

It took a lot of work, that’s for sure. And a lot of courage and determination.

It was the power of Collective Wisdom – of leveraging the experience and support of my peers and mentors – that helped me excel. No more wandering alone in the business wilderness. Together we uplift each other, celebrate each other’s wins, and reassure each other when we falter.

At the end of my story, the entire room full of my peers stood and gave me a standing ovation. I was truly amazed at this point, and humbled that I had made such an impact on people I consider amongst the brightest and most accomplished in Australia.

But was my story worthy of an ovation? In this short video, here’s what I discovered about why our stories matter.

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