Choose your tribe, don’t let it choose you

In her remarkable book, Daring Greatly, Brené Brown remarks, “We are psychologically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually hardwired for connection, love, and belonging.” It’s a deep primal call to be part of a group, a tribe, that nurtures us and protects us. That’s how we managed to evolve and survive successfully as a species: tribes helped us stay safe, cooperate, collaborate, and learn together.

Often we find ourselves in tribes by default. Workplaces are modern tribes. We may take a job because it suits our career aspirations and expertise. And then we find out who we are working with. This is not always cause for popping the champagne cork.

Seth Godin, in his book Tribes: We need you to lead us, points out that our new connected world means that we do not need to find ourselves stuck with a tribe due to circumstance and geography. We can choose a tribe – one that has the same values, the same aspirations and the same quirky weirdness we want to celebrate.

Better yet, we can lead such a tribe.

When I signed up for Thought Leaders Business School, I assessed the program not only on the structure, promise, and content, but on its values and purpose. The founder Matt Church explained his over-arching aim was to raise consciousness on the planet. By helping make clever people commercially smart (the program promise), this in turn will encourage clever people to be well-resourced, well-networked, and therefore have the capacity to impact the planet and humanity in a number of positive ways.

I dug it. I joined. I discovered a community of leaders, doing their best for their clients, their families, and themselves too. We are a tribe of chiefs. Each of us has our own clients to serve and support.

My tribe – that would be your tribe too, my dear reader, is a tribe of Adventurists. We explore, we wonder, we challenge. We are hungry for knowledge, fueled by questions, and guided by courage to take action, meet new people, and edge our difference into the world, for the world’s benefit.

I care deeply about all humans – men and women – and wish us all to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled. I care deeply about humanity and our planet, and am fiercely committed to helping those who would dare to be leaders, be better leaders.

What do you care about? What are you looking for in a tribe? Do you chief a tribe of your own? What difference does your tribe make?

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