5 one-minute miracles for improved corporate culture

The big topic in leadership these days is corporate culture. There has been a shift to accept CULTURE DELIVERS STRATEGY. With poor culture, and even the best of strategies will flop.

Here are some one-minute strategies to help boost the positive vibes in your workplace culture. Even if you do just ONE of the one minutes, you will experience a positive ripple effect.

1. Say thank you to someone. Appreciate their work. Go out of your way to acknowledge that their work made a difference to you. Soak up the smile karma.

2. Make someone else their morning cup of tea or coffee. This random act of kindness makes you feel good inside. Like gooey marshmallow.

3. Celebrate a small win with your team. Finished a report on time? Group high fives. Secured a new client? Group happy dance. Completed a launch of a new project? Down tools and strike the Victory Pose.

4. Ask a colleague what they are looking forward to the most this year. When you get to know someone past the formal and surface topics and delve a bit more into motivations and feelings, you start to develop trust and respect. This is a key ingredient in robust cultures.

5. Point out a colleague’s contribution in a staff meeting. When you recognise someone’s work publicly, this shows they are valued and appreciated. This is one of the critical aspects of building cultures with loyalty and strong rapport.

Got some ideas of your own? Please share in the comments.

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