Book: Composure

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“The world needs leaders with cool heads, warm hearts, and steady hands. Centered leadership is how we get there.” – Zoë Routh

ComposurecoverSmallThrough reflection, focused exercises, and storytelling, Zoë Routh’s Composure invites you to explore your own quest to become a centered leader. Drawing upon insights from experienced leaders, you are guided through your own leadership journey. Composure helps you frame and focus your personal quest, develop an understanding of your key leadership challenges, learn to live in courage and faith, and to develop your unique leadership presence.

“Grace under fire, that has to be the definition of a great leader. How to hold the nerve while all around you is in chaos. As we enter the decade of disruption, Zoë’s treatise on leadership composure is a perfect antidote to the disruption and volatility all leaders live with on a daily basis.”~ Matt Church, Founder Thought Leaders Global,

“Your book speaks to me. I now know where I am and where I want to be.”
– Sheryll Fisher,

“What a great book for leaders within large organisations to read! With so much going on internally it can be hard to navigate time and space for empowering your team and yourself. Zoë’s style of writing is very personal, and she generously shares a great deal of herself in the pages, which makes this an easy read. The insights shared and thought provoking suggestions help guide the reader to consider themselves, their role as a leader and how they are (and want to be) received. It can be challenging to negotiate a strong position as a leader within a large organisation, so this book is a great step in the process of building your position as a leader of note, someone others want to work with.”
– Sam Trattles,

“You can’t read Zoë’s new book without a few moments where you think ‘did that really just happen’? From fighting cancer, to tragedy at a fun run, Zoë writes about confronting the dragon we all face. It’s in our moments of greatest challenge that being centered has the biggest impact. These are not moments we can plan for, these are moments that simply happen. Do some corporate executives live a lifestyle that has a higher chance of them burning out or blowing up? Zoë shows how being composed as a leader is not a fad or a fashion, but one of the most important tools for the modern leader. Whether you’re guiding yourself, your team or your organisation this book is full of practical examples and exercises to help you develop your unique leadership presence.”
– Andrew Pratley,

“Never has there been a greater need for this book. Leaders of today are under tremendous pressure to do more, be more and deliver more. With unrealistic expectations and mental, emotional and physical capacities  reaching breaking point, Composure provides the answer to the question we’re too stretched to ask; How do we stay centered in the storm of leadership life? How do we hold true, stay calm and show grace under fire in the very moments we don’t want to or don’t know how to? As Routh says, “We need leaders who can operate with cool heads and warm hearts, regardless of external circumstances.”

This book presents a compelling case for the importance of centered leadership. Filled with interesting and poignant case studies and personal stories, Routh combines her linguistic prowess and endearing expression with wisdom, vulnerability, transparency and compassion. She invites her readers to step into the best version of themselves and holds the possibility for everyone to be able to take this step. Through her practical concepts and strategies the path to centered leadership is well lit. Thanks for sharing this profound work with the world!”~Anneli Blundell,

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This is your guide to authentic, courageous leadership.