Lead Your Self: Self Mastery

Peak Performance and Resilience – Personal leadership in life and work

This is for leaders at any level who need support to focus and uplevel their personal performance and self management

Working together we will focus on the following outcomes for YOU:

  • Increased confidence in dealing with personal and professional challenges
  • Increased personal resilience to handle stressful situations and high workloads, without sacrificing health and well-being
  • Clarity of focus and engagement for increased efficiency and effectiveness
  • Greater sense of well-being, peace, and enjoyment – in all aspects of life and work
  • Improved relationship with money matters
  • Stronger personal boundaries
  • Ready to take on next level of responsibility

AND your Organisation benefits too with:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced sick days
  • Decreased drama and stress in interpersonal relationships
  • Enhanced opportunity for effective succession planning with a leader who is confident, focused, and keen to take on more responsibilities

The 7 focus areas revolve around getting your inner C.O.M.P.A.S.S. tuned properly.

Your inner C.O.M.P.A.S.S

C – Confidence and Self Belief: Radiate your true self
O – Orientation to your True North: Live your purpose
M – Money Mastery: Mindset and Management
P – Panorama: 360 thinking for enhanced relationships and engagement
A – Architecture of Beliefs: Put your success on auto-pilot
S – Surroundings: Polish your environment to support your success
S – Self-Management and Self-Care: Leverage your energy and time for faster results

Step 1: Passion, Purpose, and Plan
Unveil Your Greatest Leverage Points for Fast Results in Energy, Time, and Confidence

You’ll discover:

  • Where you’re holding yourself back and why
  • What areas of your inner C.O.M.P.A.S.S. need addressing and next steps
  • What success truly means to you, and how to get it
  • Set 90 day and 6 month goals with achievable action plan in all areas of life and leadership
  • Self-guided Values Journey to focus your inner compass and create personal inner guidance

Step 2: Self Care and Self Management
Practical Easy Ways To Boost Peak Performance

  • Step by step easy to implement actions to take immediately to give you instant relief and energy
  • Simple strategies to dramatically improve your energy and reduce your stress
  • Daily habits that will radically improve your well-being and confidence

Step 3: Time and Energy Management for Effortless Productivity

  • Implement effective time map
  • Reduce time wasters
  • Set effective boundaries for time vampires

Step 4: Money and Leadership

  • Discover your own Sacred Money Archetype profile, your unique strengths and challenges and how to consolidate them
  • How to empower your voice around any money conversation and how this uplevels your confidence in all areas of your life
  • How to create strong boundaries with others and yourself around the engagement of money

Step 5: Creating environments that support and strengthen your development as a leader

  • Focusing your development as a leader, uplevel all aspects of your environments (physical, internal, relationships, and networks) to support you in your growth to be Executive Ready
  • Redefine your personal identity as a leader
  • Create your next steps in your leadership pathway

Think this might be for YOU?
I invite you to book a complimentary Leadership Strategy Session with me, where we will determine what your most pressing needs and goals are. Then if it is a good fit we will begin working one-to-one, via skype, phone, or in person on your immediate leadership challenges and training on the content and focus areas listed above. Some of the content may be delivered in an intensive fast-track VIP day format, and the remainder in our regular coaching and training sessions. This is a 6 month program for those committed to personal leadership in life and work.

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