Lead Your Team – Mastery of Influence and Engagement

Executive Ready: Move from expert to leader

This is a program for leaders who are focusing on becoming Executive Ready. We’ll focus on honing  interpersonal skills and expanding leadership thinking. It is especially effective for Leaders who have mastered an area of expertise and need to work across areas of responsibility beyond their own area of expertise.

Together we’ll work on achieving the following outcomes for you:

  • Enhanced awareness of interpersonal dynamics
  • Increased effectiveness in rapport, motivating, and supervising others
  • Reduced personal and team conflict
  • Enhanced team morale
  • Increased confidence in dealing with difficult employees and colleagues
  • Increased capacity for strategic thinking and solution finding in complex challenges
  • Being Executive-ready.

AND your organisation or business will benefit too with:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced conflict between employees
  • Decreased drama and stress in interpersonal relationships
  • Increased efficiencies, productivity, and effectiveness
  • Gaining an Executive-ready employee with strategic thinking capacity and strong interpersonal skills.

“Lead Your Self’ is about getting your own ‘ship’ running smoothly. Once things are ship-shape,  it is much easier to engage with others. “Lead Your Team” is about cultivating strong and deep relationships built on respect, compassion, honesty, and genuine connection. This leadership development stage is about how to forge these kinds of powerful relationships in personal and work contexts.

There are three levels of Influence and Engagement:


Step 1: Executive Pathway
Mapping of your Leadership Thinking

  • Discover where your leadership thinking currently sits on the leadership thinking map
  • Learn how to shift through the levels to better suit your leadership context and personal growth aspirations
  • Distinguish when and where leadership is appropriate as compared with management

Step 2: Executive Communication – People Reading, Powerful Communication, and Understanding Behaviour Preferences

This component includes a behaviour preference profile assessment report of the DiSC model, followed by a three-hour workshop.

In this workshop you will learn:
• How your personal worldview, and those of others, affects human interactions, and how to manage this in a positive, respectful, productive way;
• Your own individual behaviour preferences with inherent weaknesses and strengths;
• How to read human behaviour preferences quickly and easily, and how to develop enhanced rapport based on this insight;
• How to avoid conflict and approach behaviour preferences constructively and with compassion.

Step 3: Courageous Conversations – How To Have Difficult Conversations When The Stakes Are High

Courageous conversations are the ones that need to be had – that sometimes make or break a relationship, business deal, or professional rapport. More importantly, by having the courage to have them, they restore inner peace and well-being, regardless of outcomes.

This component includes a three-hour workshop on the elements of a courageous conversation, along with additional resource material for ongoing reference.

By the end of this workshop you, will:
• Know when to have a courageous conversation and know when to let sleeping dogs lie
• Master inner dialogue to reduce the ‘conversation before the conversation’ that causes so much anxiety
• Understand and defuse their own ‘hot’ buttons or triggers
• Learn how to deliver effective, constructive feedback – and debunk the ‘sandwich’ methodology for giving feedback
• Get out of playing power games and into co-creative, constructive solution-making
• Learn how to maintain safety in a conversation
• Learn how to let go of judgment
• Have a process to prepare for and undertake courageous conversations that build relationships instead of destroying them.

Step 4: Facilitating Strategic Conversations

“Meetings are where minutes are taken and hours wasted.” Don’t let this be you! Effectively run meetings are productive, outcome-oriented, and strategic.

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Know how to design and facilitate an effective meeting
  • Know how to keep the energy engaged and focused throughout a meeting
  • Be able to establish and maintain effective ground rules
  • Be able to look at complex leadership challenges from a systems thinking perspective, allowing for more robust decision-making and planning
  • Ask powerful leadership questions that extend thinking and perspective
  • Use models to drill down to the key issues and know where to act for maximum effect

Think this might be for you?

Together during a complimentary Leadership Strategy Session, we’ll identify your most pressing leadership goals and aspirations. We then plan the content for the coaching and training using the above as a starting point to get you Executive Ready. The individual coaching program runs for 6 months.

For leaders considering the “Lead Your Team” program for their team or organisation, we’ll assess your specific leadership development needs and design a bespoke experiential program to complement and support all or some of the content listed above. Submit a request for a complimentary Leadership Strategy Session below to map out your organisation’s and team development needs and pathway.

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