Lead Your Organisation: Mastery of Unitive Systems Thinking

CEO Ready: Proactive strategic thinking and implementation with inspiring leadership

This program is for leaders who want to be CEO-ready.  They may already be leaders who are focused on CEO or General Manager roles. They may also be leaders who are competent team managers and are looking to manage a business unit or cross-sector organisation.

Together we will work towards achieving these leadership development outcomes:

  • Identification of personal worldview and leadership pathway – to galvanize action towards personal and professional goals.
  • Subtle understanding of people dynamics, for more effective persuasion and influence
  • Expansion of personal leadership legacy and influence
  • Become CEO-ready – especially in people management and influence capacities

You’ll definitely notice these benefits as a leader:

  • Enhanced awareness of interpersonal dynamics
  • Increased effectiveness in rapport, motivating, and supervising others
  • Reduced personal and team conflict
  • Enhanced team morale
  • Increased confidence in dealing with difficult employees and colleagues
  • Increased capacity for strategic thinking and solution finding in complex challenges
  • Increased internal sense of peace and calm, regardless of external circumstances
  • Support from an independent sounding board
  • Confidence and know how to take on Chief Executive responsibilities.

AND there are clear benefits to your organisation or business too:

  • Increased effectiveness and proactive thinking and planning for significant long-term benefits
  • More robust, dynamic, and healthy work culture
  • Decreased drama and stress in interpersonal relationships
  • Improved strategic thinking that looks across all sectors of the business and organisation and within the greater industry/sector context
  • CEO-ready employee with strategic thinking capacity and strong interpersonal skills.

Step 1: Advanced Emotional Intelligence Skills for Leadership in Volatile, Complex and Demanding Contexts

SQ 21 assessment and debrief
The SQ 21 – the 21 skills of spiritual intelligence (advanced emotional intelliegence) is a rigorous academically validated assessment instrument that profiles advanced emotional intelligence skills for the more experienced leader faced with complex and difficult circumstances.

A full debrief is conducted following completion of the SQ 21 assessment, complete with action plan and followup steps.

You’ll learn:

  • The specific skills that can be honed that can lead to more noble, wiser leadership in life and work
  • Specifically how to develop those skills and where to start
  • How to avoid the mistake of neglecting your inner work
  • How to get in alignment with your personal growth path
  • A simple practical way of developing wisdom, without years of painful experience
  • The exact areas to focus on so you can relate better to others, be more influential and inspiring as leader
  • How to have the presence and resilience to deal with enormous pressure, stress, and rapid rate of change while maintaining your own health and humanity

Step 2: Leadership Identity Work

  • Develop cohesive and integrated identity as an organisational leader that is in line with personal values
  • Develop capacity to stay in integrity regardless of pressures or challenges
  • Address limiting beliefs around performance, pressure, and capacity
  • Address limiting behaviours that sabotage performance at an executive level
  • Expore shadow and blindspots

Step 3: Advanced Emotional Intelligence Skills – Understanding the Worldview of Others

  • Develop ability to read and assess individuals’ lens of perception and the factors affecting behaviour
  • Increase awareness of own worldview lens and how that is influencing engagement and outcomes
  • Develop skill of RESPONDING rather than REACTING to events and people – to increase capacity for wise and compassionate leadership

Step 4: Leadership Legacy and Impact

  • Craft vision for personal leadership legacy in personal and professional aspects of your life
  • Develop space and strategy for community contribution – for family and other causes
  • Design mentoring pathways for upcoming leaders in your organisation
  • Forge future mentoring role in your organising for your own influence – to promote values-based behaviour that marries personal needs with collective outcomes
  • Develop symbolic language, images, and anchors that promote ethical and values-based behaviour in your organisation

Step 5: Expand Networks of Influence

  • Develop contacts and spheres of influence outside of normal sector, for personal expansion and vision development
  • Expand perspective through exploring other worldviews, stories, and joruneys

Step 6: Act As Catalyst for Positive Change as An Ethically Based Change Agent

  • Identify change agenda – personal and/or professional
  • Craft and develop change agenda process
  • Lead and guide the change process

Does this sound like this program is for you?

If you’d like to explore this further, request a complimentary Leadership Strategy Session. We’ll identify your most pressing leadership challenges and goals. Based on the discussion we’ll plan the content and outcomes against the content areas listed above. This program can be implemented as a one-to-on coaching program, or a cross-sector/cross-department group coaching and training program.

Apply for a complimentary Leadership Strategy Session today.