The Five Levels Of Magnetic Leadership


Wise And Compassionate Leadership For
People, Profit, and Planet

The Five Levels of Magnetic Leadership give you a path to help you with your expansion so that the process of discovery and service is easier, more joyful, more effective, and deeper. Each ring builds on the previous one, starting with Mastery of Self as the most fundamental aspect of being an effective leader. As you grow and expand, so does your sphere of influence into the next ring.


*** Regardless of whether you have aspirations to lead an organisation, or participate in decision-making at a global level, or simply master the captaincy of your life’s ship, the capacities at each level are attainable and useful for you. ***

To think, feel, and behave as a global leader – from the board room to your own living room – is how peace, compassion, and understanding can guide solutions to our personal – and global – challenges.

I know you can be a leader for the world, in the world, regardless of your official job title.

It is my deepest wish for you that you expand in a joyful way that resonates with the very core of your being – that lights you up with soul-filled purpose, passion, and play. Life is for living, after all! What is the use of expansion if not to bring us more joy, pleasure, and profound fulfilment?

This is what I offer – coaching, leadership development programs and resources to help you in joyful expansion as leader – of your life and your life’s work.

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